About Greg and John

Greg, a 49-year-old conservative American, and John, a 24-year-old liberal Brit first met in the Summer of 2007.

Both were working at a YMCA Camp in Ohio, Greg ran the camp’s catering and John was working in an international summer camp program. John loved the experience and returned to the camp year round on an extended visa from Summer 2008 to September 2009.

During this time, political discussions began between the two and it soon became clear that both were very much at opposite ends of the political spectrum. John, a liberal, atheist, vegetarian, and Greg, a conservative Christian and right-wing tea party activist, who, with good humoured disapproval, had to provide a vegetarian option each meal for John. While completely disagreeing with each other on pretty much everything, the debates were good natured and a mutual respect and friendship developed between the two.

Thanks to the Internet, despite a giant pond separating the pair geographically, their discussions were able to continue first on Facebook, and now on this co-authored blog, Pond Politics.

There are many blogs offering a conservative or liberal narrative without exposing their readers to other views. We hope that this blog, an unlikely collaboration, will offer an interesting and unique perspective, providing 2 contrasting views for each discussion and inviting the reader to form their own conclusions.


“I am a 49 year old father of three. I have a degree in Business Administration and have spent my career in business management. For the past 30 years, I have employed and managed hundreds of people, primarily in the Hospitality and Retail Industries. For a period of 5 years, I owned and operated my own restaurant business.

I have a multiply handicapped daughter, a son who serves in the United States Marine Corps and a son who attends Christian School on line.

My interest in politics began in earnest while I was in college. My first election vote was for President Reagan when he smoked Jimmy Carter in 1980. I have voted in every single election possible since that time and I have never missed a Federal or State election in 30 years.

I am a Conservative Christian and currently a proud supporter of the America Tea Party Movement.”


“I am 24-years old. Since graduating in Business Management and Marketing I have worked for a finance company, but spent much of my time working with kids in the outdoors at a camp in Ohio. I am currently self employed in web development.

I come from a working class home in Rotherham. The town has high unemployment and many social issues caused largely by the decline of the local steel and mining industries. I went to a poorly performing Comprehensive school but have been lucky to benefit from supportive parents and teachers.

I became interested in politics towards the end of University, missing my first opportunity to vote in 2005 though registration issues and apathy. I became a member of and voted for the Liberal Democrat party in 2010, however I am also agree with many policies of the Labour party and always ‘try’ to keep an open mind to new ideas.

I think religion is divisive and should be kept as far away from politics as possible. I believe the government should aim to create a society fair for everybody, and not disproportionately advantage the wealthy.”

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