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Why I’m an American Conservative
Greg Carter

During the latter part of the 1700’s, the founders of our country laid out a solid foundation for the effective government of the people of the United States of America. Through the establishment of The Constitution of the United States and the ensuing Bill of Rights, we were given the Freedoms due to all mankind in the pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness.

The Constitution of the United States lays out clear rules:

  • The powers of the FEDERAL government are clearly stated and limited.
  • The founder’s of our country provided the means necessary to alter the plan through amendments to the constitution. The process is, by necessity, cumbersome and specific.

Conservatives recognize and believe in the Constitution. We believe that the founder’s were divinely inspired in their actions and that they established man’s single greatest hope for government here on Earth. We believe the Constitution must be adhered to as it was originally intended or modified as it was prescribed. In the event the people of the United States feel it necessary to add on to, or alter, the Constitution, we believe the prescribed rules are to be followed.

As such, we believe that our FEDERAL government has perpetrated numerous acts that have been unconstitutional or extra-constitutional at a minimum. Our FEDERAL government has overstepped its defined powers and exerted itself on the States, Municipalities and People of the country. Furthermore, at no time should the Courts of the United States create law. Their sole purpose is to interpret the laws that exist and decide/apply them to the case at hand. All too frequently, these changes have been pursued without regard to political party and are functions of the Liberal/Progressive movement. These changes have been slow, but sure, and have worked toward the detriment of our society, its institutions, traditions and values.

Our founder’s were firm believers in a Divine Providence. They recognized this divinity in the form of God. Our county was, in fact, founded on Judeo/Christian principles. These principles allow for and, in reality, demand an adherence to God’s teachings and expectations for our lives. We were founded by people seeking the freedom to worship their God, not by people seeking a way to avoid or admonish the presence of God. They did not seek to establish a national church per se, such as the King’s Church of England. They did however expect the people to be devoted in their beliefs and devoted to God. It is because we are a Christian nation that we allow other religious practices to exist. It is because we are a Christian nation that non-Christian believers are able to freely practice their beliefs, so long as those beliefs do not endanger the lives of other Americans. Religious tolerance is not the same as religious abdication! Despite allowing for other religious beliefs to exist, our founders did not establish a method for abdicating our spiritual foundation.

  • I believe that America offers everyone equal opportunity but not equal outcome.
  • I believe in Freedom
    • The Freedom to Succeed and the Freedom to Fail.
    • The Freedom to choose the course of one’s life without government interference.
  • I believe that the United States was established with the Freedom OF Religion, not the Freedom FROM Religion.
  • I believe that ‘a government that governs least governs best’.
  • I believe that a large, central, FEDERAL government is inherently bad for the citizens
  • I believe that the most effective level of government is that which is local to the people. A government that is available to the citizens with an ease of access.
  • I believe that most issues should not exceed the level of state government.
  • I believe that an organization that is not explicitly Conservative will over time become Liberal.
  • I believe there is only one group of Americans who are ‘owed’ anything from the other citizens and that is the men and women of the United States Military.
  • As a compassionate, God-fearing people, I believe there is only one group of people who should be ‘entitled’ to anything simply by being born American. Those in our society who would perish quickly without the assistance of others due to a lack of cognitive and physical abilities.
  • Our founders knew what they were doing. They were brilliant with their thoughts and exemplary in their actions. They set forth a plan to be followed and preserved, ‘conserved’ if you will.
    • (Conserve: To protect from loss or harm; preserve: calls to conserve our national heritage in the face of bewildering change. The American Heritage Dictionary, 2009)

Thus, to these ends, I am a CONSERVATIVE. I don’t need to hide it. I don’t need to call it by different names during different decades. I don’t need to run from it or pretend it is something other than what it is. A conservative is proud of our heritage and our record as a country.

I believe those who call themselves Liberals/Progressives need to explain what they are progressing away from or progressing toward. They seek to change the fundamentals of our country not through prescribed means but through alternate methods. They use the court system to establish law rather than the legislative process.

Why I’m a Liberal
John Hardy

In Britain, things are different and we do not have a written constitution. I believe, however, that the US constitution is a fantastic document and that the USA couldn’t have been built on better foundations. However the world and our understanding of it has changed inconceivably in the 200+ years since it was written. I do not claim to be an expert on the constitution or those who wrote it, but I believe that many American’s have distorted the founding fathers intentions. As mere human beings, the founding fathers could not possibly have created a document that would be both infallible and eternally relevant. In America the constitution is treated as a holy text by some, and its writers held in such high regard as to almost be religious figures in their own right. Sadly, like the worlds many religions, everybody has their own interpretation of the meaning of the text and the views of its authors.

I do not believe the founding fathers intended the USA to be the ‘Christian nation’ it has become, and believe that some of these figures were actually quite opposed to Christianity. Whatever the beliefs of the founding fathers, I consider them entirely irrelevant in the 21st century. Had the constitution been written in an earlier time with mention of a flat earth, would we now be arguing whether it is unconstitutional to travel ‘around’ the world? Similarly, in 1787 with just 13 states, and a population 97% smaller than the present day, is it important whether the founding fathers favoured big or small government, for example, under circumstances incomparable with today’s world?

Don’t get me wrong, I value and respect the constitution, but think it is important not to let constitutional absolutism suffocate every piece of reform the house attempts to pass.

I believe that everyone is entitled to equal opportunity. Sadly, the world not a fair or equal place, and presently opportunity grossly favours the wealthy while, alarmingly, the gap between rich and poor continues to grow. I believe this is because the political class are from the privileged side of the spectrum and there are many, especially the political right, who are self interested and want to maintain the status quo, an unfair and unequal society.

I believe in freedom, but not at the expense of other people’s freedom. Everybody should be free from interference from other people’s religious beliefs, and the separation of church and state is essential for a society to be fair to everyone.

I believe it is the government’s duty to look after those less fortunate in society. Until everyone is born with the same opportunities, we cannot neglect those who perhaps didn’t receive a good education or enjoy a positive and supportive upbringing. I think government intervention is necessary to prevent a negative spiral of social inequality. It’s easy for the privileged, who have perhaps benefited from more aspiring role models or education to say people need to sort out their own problems, but its mere chance these privileged were not born into less fortunate circumstances themselves. I believe that when a society supports the less fortunate, everyone benefits from the improved social landscape.

I believe that nationalism and religion are divisive; they create an us and them mentality when in reality we are all just human beings who by chance happen to have been born in different places and different cultures.

I am a liberal, you could also call me a progressive. I believe we need to progress towards a world where geographical circumstance does not determine what can be accomplished in life, where everyone in the world identifies each other as human beings rather than enemies, and where everyone is born in a fair society with equal opportunities for all.

More articles to come, in the mean time for a background on John and Greg check out: http://www.pondpolitics.com/2010/05/welcome-to-pond-politics/

John Hardy

John Hardy

Web Developer living in Bristol, UK.
I enjoy politics and technology and have been a fan of Bitcoin since 2011.
John Hardy
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John Hardy

Web Developer living in Bristol, UK. I enjoy politics and technology and have been a fan of Bitcoin since 2011.

  • Mike G

    As a fellow co-worker to both of you during my short time at Camp Kern, I’m sad I was unaware of your kitchen conversations and discussions. It would have been beneficial, not only to me, but to other counselors to hear your arguments and points of view pre-election 2008. I have followed many of your discussions on Facebook, and personally think this blog is a fantastic idea. Rarely do we get two educated men on very opposite sides of the political spectrum discuss politics without it turning into a mud-slinging competition of who gets the last word. I look forward to your discussions and hope you guys advertise this blog, where this really could open and possibly change the views of many of our peers.

  • brandon huffman

    I enjoyed reading both of these articles. As of late I have found myself leaning a little more towards the right than usual. I used to identify myself as a liberal without really understanding the basis of why I did so. After reading John’s portion, I remembered what being a “liberal” actually means.

    As a whole, humanity is declining and I think this is in large part due to our inability to see everyone in this world as one. If we could gaze outside the realms of economic class and nationalism we could begin to see that we are all the same and NOT different from one another. This would mean as people we would have to choose LOVE over FEAR.

    I do feel the government should step in where needed to see to it that everyone in this world has the same chances to progress, learn and prosper. Sadly this is bit of an idealist approach that could only work when humanity has overcome another huge flaw in our design, which is GREED.

    I agree and disagree with a lot from both portions.

    Greg- I understand where you are coming from when you speak of how our constitution needs to be treated. I do not feel our constitution is perfect but it’s the best thing that we have to go on and everyday we seem to lose more and more of it.

    However, you make it seem like it’s only the liberals who have distorted it’s true goal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Let us not forget the NEOCONS Mr. Obama took the reins from. The Bush regime acted outside of law on several issues they pursued and yet most conservatives ignore this, as they do ALL of the unconstitutional bills presented by the right side of congress.

    It is easy to attack the other side of the political spectrum because this is how we are conditioned to see things. The left-right is NO MORE in America and the sooner we understand this, the sooner we could move on to a better, happier and UNITED country.

    I’m quite surprised by the number of Bush supporters who do not support Obama actually. If you ask me, he is just like Bush, which is the point. The left-right have been pushing towards the overall same goals for years and years now. We have a tyrannical federal government.

    I also disagree with another portion of your post. (I feel) Our military deserves nothing more from us than a long discussion explaining to them what they are ACTUALLY DOING and how they have been LIED TO.

    Our military is intended for one purpose and one purpose ONLY and that is to defend this country. THAT IS ALL!!!

    The powers that be take control of these kid’s minds and convince them they are doing the right thing for their country when this couldn’t be more false. Our military is now an obsolete organization that is doing nothing for this country but spreading it’s empirical growth. Well… that and growing opium.

    Greg, for years and years the conservative party was the side of the isle that was AGAINST WAR. Can you please explain to me when this changed?

    Overall I think what you guys are doing here is great. Political talk is awesome. Just try not to play into the game too much. It is a social design to have us all divided, and that is all the left-right paradigm does. We all need to understand and realize the fact that both parties are controlled by the same people and that we need to get rid of these traitors! The libertarian movement is growing in this country and the sleeping giant that is the American people is being awakened.

    I look forward to reading more of your blogs and I will try to keep my future comments less lengthy.